Masjid Al-Hayy


On Sunday, December 13th, 2009, the Jaffer Reachout Foundation reached a milestone in the construction of Masjid Al-Hayy. This date marked the official ground breaking of the project and the event, which was held at the site, was attended by over 200 individuals.


The entire project is being funded by the Jaffer Reachout Foundation. However, community members who are interested in making a financial contribution may do so. In addition to fixed amount donations, anyone interested in donating specific areas or sections of the masjid should contact the foundation at


The following is a breakdown of specific donation amounts for major sections of the masjid.
Blocks (Different Levels)
$ 500 to $ 5,000
99 Names of Allah
$ 10,000 each
Men's Zari Room
$ 50,000
Women's Zari Room
$ 50,000
Media Room
$ 50,000
Exterior Courtyard
$ 50,000
16 Class Rooms
$ 75,000 each
$ 100,000
$ 100,000
$ 100,000
Men's Dining Hall
$ 100,000
Women's Dining Hall
$ 100,000
Women's Prayer Mezzanine
$ 100,000
Ghusal Room
$ 150,000
Women's Main Hall
$ 500,000
Men's Main Hall
$ 1,000,000


General Donations

All donations are welcome including general donations for Masjid Al-Hayy. Please use one of the methods outlined to the right for amounts of $25, $50, $100 and $250.

Mail a Check

Donations made by check should be written out to Jaffer Reachout Foundation and mailed to the following address:


3609 Barrington Drive

Allentown, PA 18104


By Phone
If you would like to make a donation by phone or speak to the Foundation prior to making a payment, you may call the Chairman of the JRF, Gulamali Jaffer at 610-517-2320.

Make A Donation Online

If you have a major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) or PayPal account, donating is easy. Click the button below to get started.